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UnCategorized Orlando, Florida, draws millions of visitors to its many theme parks and attractions. Tourists looking to avoid the crowds and increase their savings would do best to visit during the off-season. Other areas, such as ski resorts, experience their peak season during the winter. However, Orlando’s theme parks, especially Disney World, primarily attract the family vacationer, making peak season anytime that school is not in session. As a result, Orlando is particularly busy during spring break, summer and the Christmas holiday break. Since property owners and managers prefer to keep their lodgings full year-round, many offer substantial discounts to entice guests when crowds are low. Particularly during tough economic times, it’s worth researching accommodations for great deals. Affordable lodging can be found even in highly desired areas, such as vacation homes near Disney World. Besides theme parks, the Orlando area offers a variety of activities. For the adventurous vacationer, hang gliding, airboat tours and scuba diving are available. Those looking for a more relaxing vacation can spend the day getting pampered at a spa followed by boutique shopping and fine dining, or take in a few rounds of golf at any number of award-winning regional courses. According to surveys taken, most people who come to Orlando stay an average of 5.8 days per visit to take in all the area has to offer. For this reason, the savvy tourist will choose to take advantage of the many affordable Orlando vacation rentals available. Houses and condos allow vacationers to spread out and enjoy the comforts of home. Other amenities are often included as well, such as pools, hot tubs and even free or discounted shuttle service. Hotels can be fine for a night, but a large group can grow tired of the cramped living quarters and impersonal atmosphere. While staying at a resort hotel might be convenient, the cost can be exorbitant for the space afforded. Renting a vacation home means everyone in the party can have their own bedroom for relaxing after the day’s activities, without having to put up with noisy hotel hallways throughout the night. One of the greatest benefits of a luxury vacation rental is taking advantage of the fully-stocked kitchen. Cooking your own meals can provide considerable savings, not to mention the ability to cook healthy, nutritious food instead of relying on the high fat and sugar content of complimentary hotel breakfasts and take-out food. Instead, you can enjoy a quiet meal in the morning with freshly brewed coffee and meals of your choosing. Orlando is a premier vacation destination, where the attractions and entertainment continue year-round. By visiting this Florida hotspot during the off season, this getaway also becomes more affordable, providing all of the excitement without the hassle and expense of peak-season lodging and crowds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: