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Communications As these features become more prevalent it only stands to reason that more people will use them in order to communicate with more ease. In fact, sending someone a quick text is a much easier way to say something than to have a conversation, and text messaging allows you to speak with many people at a time without having to really give forth all your attention. That is why text messaging is the popular choice when you are at work or school or when you are bogged down with a lot of homework or other kinds of activities where a phone conversation is simply out of the question. However, with the advent of video chat and things like FaceTime in many new devices, video chats might become something that takes on a new status of importance in the communication sphere. In fact, if more people invest in products that have FaceTime and if Apple continues to make devices that feature this, then it might become a new way to converse, one that eventually replaces text messaging as the dominating form of quick communication. People from all over the world will be able to connect through it, if it becomes more prevalent and they will only need Internet connection, an Apple device, and the FaceTime app. Though text messaging has been reprimanded for its somewhat impersonal nature as well as the way that it limits people from being able to really say much, it still has many aspects that make it a popular choice when communicating. As it is quick and easy, it has a broad appeal for that reason, but also, it allows for more conversational abilities than it once did in the past. Now with the invention of the QWERTY keyboard, people can text with greater ease in a way that could not be done before when three letters were set to a key and text messaging seemed like an absolute nightmare. Now, though, it is more like typing on a small keyboard and can be done without much hassle. You can easily send things like emoticons and other faces to express your emotions and you can convey your feelings in simple ways that save time and energy. Text messaging was about saving time but nowadays it is a popular way to chat with many friends and keep in touch. For many people it has replaced things like AIM and MSN messenger because it is on a portable device that you can have on you at all times, one that does not require Internet, and one that is constantly with you as you are on the go and busy doing other things. Also, text messaging on some phones includes the options of picture and video mail, so you can take photos from anywhere you are, whether it be on a calm beach, or whether you see something funny in a book store, or if you are on top of the Rocky Mountains, you can snap a picture and send it via text message to a friend. Similarly, you can send videos and other kinds messages, making text messaging a highly interactive way to share things with others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: