it becomes very important to make parent-teacher relations in strong bonding. Every year our students have been achieved various laurels and prizes in skating 游客悬崖自拍跌落 陈冠希怒怼女主持

Reference-and-Education Shanti Gyan Niketan Senior Secondary Public School is a highly reputed Nursery to Class XII School puts up at Sector – 19, Dwarka. We are always motivating our students for high spirits to move on in their life positively. The school was time-honored in 1989 and managed by Khurana Educational Society. Here students are getting world class skills in their academics as well as all sorts of knowledgeable and performing art of co-curricular activities. From the foundation times our school is keep on achieving all the success rolls comes in its ways. The seed of education plant which was planted by us is become a fruit full tree in the form of our bright and successful students in all aspects of their life. We strongly believe in a phrase, if there is a will, there is way too. Shanti Gyan Niketan Senior Secondary Public School has taken the challenge to absorb students for the right principles, consciousness of their strengths and weaknesses. We made them to work creatively become techno savvy for outshine their unseen talent. We also expand a spirit of friendship and competitiveness. We develop clever and sound mindsets of the students so that they can always eager to search and answer all new questions of their life. In a way the human life is always depended upon learning evaluation and projection of day to day life style. Thats what students are being taught in our school. We are working as the channel for our students to show them the world from our school and make them realize to evaluate where they are standing and what are their destination and the way how to reach there. To accomplish such task we are mixing the path of values, culture and tradition in each class regular school lesson plans. The infrastructure of our school is also supporting our agenda of school to provide high grade qualities to students academically and in sports activities. In past years we have been ad hoc infrastructure and facilities. Special activities have been introduced along with the variety of competitions held casually for the all round personality development of the students. The sports programs of our school are also well laid out with by the facility of trained coaches. Both teachers and parents have equivalent share in the education of the children. Thus, it becomes very important to make parent-teacher relations in strong bonding. Every year our students have been achieved various laurels and prizes in skating, lawn tennis, art and craft, dance competition and other cultural and literary activities. The bright students have really made us proud of them. School manual is very effective channel between the school and parents healthy communication and experiences that will contribute towards the progress of each student. Students have been served with all sorts of facilities in our school. Air-conditioned class rooms ensuring at ease learning. Colorful-cheerful environment, child-friendly teaching learning equipments, tempting toys and games, helps students to listen, discover, imagine, create, explore and learn here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: