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Travel-and-Leisure There are several bus operators who cater to the passengers from Delhi to Punjab and vice versa. But not all buses have all the facilities you need. In some cases, you may just get down at Delhi and may not find a bus seat for Punjab from Delhi. Making bookings in advance help you confirm your seats in the buses plying from Delhi to Punjab. You can call and make bookings or you can book tickets on the Internet. Whatever be the case, you get to know what vehicle you will be using when you book tickets online. You get to select if you want the front or rear seats. While travelling from Delhi to Punjab via bus, you may want to know what all services you will be getting when travelling. You also want to know what kind of service you would be getting. When you go for online booking, you get to read the reviews of different bus services so you can make informed decision. The users of a particular bus service leave reviews after experiencing the service. This helps you know if a particular bus service is good enough for you. In case you are coming from abroad and willing to travel from Delhi to Chandigarh or Mohali, you need to be taken care of right from the airport to the point where you alight in Punjab. This means you need the services of picking you up from the airport. This also means the bus conductor and driver being able to communicate with others in any language English, Hindi or Punjabi. You might want to get to some restaurant for lunch or breakfast. If you do not know the local language, you might want the bus conductor or someone to help you communicate with the locals. There may be other cases as well where you may have to talk to the bus people and they should know a language you are comfortable in. Be it Delhi to Chandigarh bus service, Delhi to Amritsar bus service or Delhi to Jalandhar bus service, you need to check out whether things are in your favor. If you wish a return journey, you need to know when the buses will leave Punjab and return to Delhi. You may or may not want to wait in Punjab after your work is complete. If you have to wait overnight, you will have to stay in some hotel. It would be a problem if you are not booked already. The bus service provider should be able to book a hotel for you. In short, you need a proper planning to travel even for shorter distances. You need a driver who can communicate with you in a language you want. You need a bus where you get ample leg space. You need to know how they will handle your luggage. You also want to know if the bus service provider can give you return journey and if yes, will they be provide you place to stay. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: