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Customer Service Kerry A. Kodatt has more 2 decades of business experience in Domestic and International corporate world. His excellence in Global Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Consulting and Financial Management has been beneficial for businesses he has worked with. Being one of the specialized professionals, he holds an important role in serving payment solutions and services to Fortune 1000 companies. Over the years, Kerry A. Kodatt has spent considerable time while working with different industries such as financial services, management consulting, start-up ventures, communications, entertainment, hospitality and hardware giving his best efforts in generating success-driven results for top tier companies to flourish exponentially. The payment solutions and services offered by Mr. Kodatt have helped companies to increase their payment processing efficiencies. His expertise has served as solution to the problem of bad debt, write offs and PCI compliance for the companies he worked with, saving countless man-hours on consolidated reconciliation. A dedicated professional, Kerry A. Kodatt has extensive leadership experience in executive positions. He has developed skills in areas of motivational speaking, sales leadership and teaching the future leaders of tomorrow how to enhance their skills. Continuing to the success he achieved in his professional career, Kerry A. Kodatt has launched 22 ventures and 26 multi-functional organizations globally on six continents. He also successfully launched over 200 product/services from concept to branding to successful launch. Kerry A. Kodatt has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and he received his masters degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business and Finance at Bellarmine University in Louisville. He has been honored with numerous awards for his exemplary performance and achievements. He has received national recognition as one of the most prominent business leaders on a number of annual occasions. As Senior Vice President at FSP, he has helped the company to reach Top 2% status as a MSP and Payments and Technology provider. Besides his strong professional background, Kerry A. Kodatt has regularly held sessions to benefit Womens shelters, which help abused women and children to lead a better living. He is working to establish another altruistic endeavor and entity with his new project called as Global Love, which will help to feed, clothe, and educate the needy and underprivileged in US and abroad. About The Author Kenneth Stone is a technical writer, researcher who has a passion of writing and research. He mainly spends his time to informative websites like Wikipedia and Squidoo. Nowadays, Hes writing about finance articles which are his core interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: