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Handheld Labyrinth – A Perfect Meditation Tool Posted By: Mark Smith meditation therapy techniques helping children with adhd meditation therapy techniques Posted By: Mark Smith Meditation is a technique which is used to come into the contact with our inner self. This technique has been used by rishis, Gyanis, yogis and alternative medical healers for more than 5000 years. These techniques have many benefits and can be practiced by anyone. It has been established that the roots of meditation come from the Vedic age. The Vedic people used to practice these techniques to appease their gods, which they used to fear and worship. There has been some debate on its existence before the Vedic age as well. In various prehistoric civilizations there have been traces of these techniques being used to get in touch with the creator of this world, by repetitively chanting certain rhythmic songs. Various techniques such as yoga, therapeutic reflection, Reiki etc. are still used by people. This practice of coming in contact with your consciousness is a beautiful feeling. Daily practicing these methods makes you perfect and calms your mind, body and soul. Today our daily lives are full of pressures, commitments and chaos. There is no room for reflection and introspection. The pressure mounts so much that people get depressed, stressed and irritated easily.meditation therapy techniques meditation techniques meditation therapy techniques 相关的主题文章: