random subjects or random buildings are photographed within fore thought or planning. Well 抗洪官兵伙食曝光 老夫妻捡15万

Sports-and-Recreation These days digital photography beginners can just buy a camera and walk round taking pictures of any random subject. Random places, random subjects or random buildings are photographed within fore thought or planning. Well, here’s some basic digital photography tips that might help you to slow down and think before you shoot. We have all seen it before or maybe we are guilty of it ourselves. I recently went on a short break to Venice in Italy and for anyone that has not been there before I cannot begin to describe the volume of people that is on every street, no matter where you are in the centre of Venice. So, as you can imagine, the opportunity to grab yourself a really good shot is difficult in such a beautiful location. Over and over again you see people just walking round getting caught in the point and shoot photography trap. They just stop, point the camera, shoot and walk. Some of the people don’t even stop, they just shoot the frame as they’re walking. At the end of the day, when they return home and upload the pictures onto their computer, all they have is lots of pictures. Actually what you’re left with is lots of pictures that show you were in Venice but nothing worth showing your friends. This comes to the main error of this point and shoot photography technique. When taking a picture hold the camera firmly in both hands and point the camera lens at the subject of your photograph. This should cut out all the blurry or shaken pictures that you would normally have to delete from your camera. Another mistake is the over use of the LCD screen when taking pictures. The LCD is only a few inches wide on most digital cameras and sometimes doesn’t give a true representation of the shot. So maybe when shooting once off shots you could take the picture using the viewfinder. You will be suprised how this will slow you down and help you think before you take a picture. Digital cameras come with many and various modes built into them. Starting off we have all been caught in the trap of just setting the camera to auto mode and leaving it there for ever. I think its easy to say that most peoples starting pictures have all being taken in auto mode. The auto mode is a white balance mode which can sometimes leave your shots feeling a bit cool or empty. A small tip would be to take the same picture in a few different settings, view them on your computer and learn the level of differences between the modes. The cloud setting on your digital camera will add more red and yellow colours to your pictures. The pictures will now have slightly warmer and more colourful tones. The level of difference in modes will vary from camera to camera so get out there and practice using the different modes. I hope now that you can cut down on the number of frames that you have to delete from your camera by using these basic digital photography tips. Make sure to practice with the different modes and slow down. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: