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Financial Literacy Month And Money Management Skills Posted By: Vince Shorb Financial literacy month takes place during the entire month of April. Several national campaigns will take place this month in order to raise financial awareness, further people’s money management skills, and encourage financial responsibility. Studies have found that most young people have no practical money management skills as they transition from highs school to the adult world. This research was one of the inspirations for the creation of this a financial literacy month. In addition, many students were found unable to balance a checkbook, as well as having no insight on how to manage the spending, savings, earnings, and investments. More specifically, the American Savings Education Council found less than half of the U.S. high school and college age population have a regular savings. Additionally, only a small fraction of students in that age range were found to keep a budget, while more than 1/3 of those did not keep track of their spending at all. Financial literacy month raises awareness about the millions of young adults that have a hard time when it comes to establishing credit and maintaining a positive credit history.financial literacy month StandUp for Financial Literacy Money XLive money management skills practical money management skills financial education fina financial literacy month Events Planned For National Financial Literacy Month Posted By: Vince Shorb National financial literacy month, in April, is the ideal time to host a financial education event. The goal of financial literacy month is to educate youth in practical money matters. The ability to understand finance, specifically to be able to make informed decisions about how you go about managing your money, is now more important than ever. Financial literacy month focuses on helping individuals improve their money management skills and improve upon financial literacy standards. As part of this month various financial campaigns, educational events, and school promotions are offered all sharing the same goal – to combat the problems associated with financial illiteracy. These are some exciting events that will be going on during financial literacy month. 1) Many financial institutions and nonprofit educational organizations hold financial education events during the month of April. These promotional events are done to raise awareness as well as to get funding to conduct financial literacy research and training. One such event, Money XLive, has been specifically designed for younger people to get the next generations excited and motivated to learn about money. This event includes live entertainment, sports stars and celebrities in a full concert venue.financial literacy event Financial literacy month financial education events National financial literacy campaigns StandUp for Financial Literacy Stan financial literacy event 相关的主题文章: