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UnCategorized Metal roofs can play an important role in the Greensboro Goes Green initiative. This program is an extensive and comprehensive program aimed at getting all citizens involved in making Greensboro the greenest city in the region. Residents are dedicated to improving the environment and making the city truly a green leader. Roofing companies are supporting the green initiative with greener roofing materials. Roofers can install metal roofing to residences with a bevy of eco-friendly benefits. Reliable, established, trustworthy Greensboro roofers have as much stake as everyone else in keeping our city clean and green. Are metal roofing options right for your residential roofing needs? Here are some of the main reasons metal roofing is considered a beneficial green roofing option. First, metal roofing can be installed over existing roofing. This has many benefits including reducing the length of a roofing project. More importantly, however, it reduces waste. Old roofing material, such as asphalt shingles which would end up in a landfill, is left in place and the metal roof is installed over it. When metal roofs are properly installed by an established Greensboro roofing company, they are good insulators. In addition, a metal roof can reflect the hot Carolina sun away from the house. A metal roof can reduce your energy bills by keeping internal temperatures more stable. Greensboro roofers can install metal roofs in a variety of designs and colors. Although more expensive than basic roofing material, metal roofs are less expensive than many shingle options. Most metals have a long warranty, up to fifty years, which make them a good investment. Metal roofs will not deteriorate like wood shingles or asphalt and they are wind and fire resistant. In some instances, insurance companies may offer discounts off your homeowner’s policy for having a metal roof. Metal roofs can also be coated with special treatments to resist sea air. The best Greensboro roofers can explain these options to you. Skilled, reputable Greensboro roofing contractors can install lightweight metal roofing to your home. Once installed, metal roofing requires less maintenance than other roofing options. In addition, the metal is designed to interlock protecting building material beneath the visible roof. Although lightweight, metal roofs stand up to high winds. With a location near the Atlantic coast, protecting our homes from hurricanes must always be a consideration in Greensboro. As you drive to the beach, look at the number of houses that have opted for metal roofing. Greensboro enjoys a reputation as a beautiful city with parks, gardens, university campuses and museums devoted to nature. Preserving this unique, natural character is more than an initiative on a government web page. It requires everyone doing their part. If the time has come to replace your roof, consider a metal roof installed by a reliable, reputable, trustworthy Greensboro roofing company. Professional Greensboro roofers are anxious to discuss your roofing needs and options with you. Go green! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: