I feel that medical transcriptionist work could combine my love for computers 华裔入学被拒争议 男子法庭推倒妻子

Careers-Employment I work at a bank as a teller in a small town of Texas. I am 38 years old and have two children. I graduated high school in 1989, and went to college as all dutiful children do to please their parents. When it was obvious I was not ready to learn, I got a full time job and soon figured out that living on minimum wage was not easy or fun. After a summer in Minnesota working at a camp for handicapped children, I decided to go to nursing school. Already having experienced living in a college dorm and my parents being unwilling to totally finance another experience at a four year university, I chose a school where I could graduate in a year, and be a licensed professional with an above minimum wage earning potential. This was a great success until life got in the way, and I became a single mom in a small town with limited possibilities for working as a nurse and caring for two small children. I secured a job at a local bank, with wonderful hours and a supportive president when it came to family matters. Having been with this bank for 4 years, I have enjoyed working with numbers, helping customers, solving problems, and learning a new career. Unfortunately, I started at the bottom and am back in the low wage situation, this time with a family, and responsibilities to take care of. I have been researching possibilities for a career change. I miss the medical field, while I enjoy banking; I miss the satisfaction I had with Nursing. I cannot see a way to go back to shift work until the children are grown. I have done a little transcribing to see if I like it, and I feel it is a perfect way to get back to the medical field without the 16 hour shifts and holidays working while family is at home. SN:0TG9Y2ESY I thoroughly enjoyed the office work while working for the nursing home, I enjoy tinkering with the computer, and keyboarding, I feel that medical transcriptionist work could combine my love for computers, and my love of the medical field; while providing a satisfying way to earn a living. I would love to build jobs typing work home in this field, eventually making it a full time possibility. There is little room for advancement at the bank where I am currently employed, which is discouraging. I would like to find a position with flexibility, and room for growth, both personal and professional. My children are older, but very involved with activities, and I enjoy attending those whenever possible. I think medical transcription jobs at home could provide that for me. I am not sure about starting my own company, but I do feel I could be a productive part of a company that is already in existence. I am hardworking, dependable, and ethical and would try to be an asset to the company. For more information visit WRITTEN BY: Julie Jeanne Schmidt About the Author: 相关的主题文章: