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With big bags under the 5 kinds of food to fix – Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: spleen pouch big 5 kinds of food to fix life many female friends appeared with big bags under the problem, this will cause a lot of adverse effects to women’s health. Women will be a variety of skin conditions and health problems after the spleen, women are afraid of aging, spend a lot of money to the beauty, but there is no effect, in fact, is a health problem, is a loss of temper. Women with spleen deficiency: complexion yellow bags under the eyes big yellow and bags under the eyes of the majority of female friends are more typical symptoms of spleen deficiency. Most women with deficiency of the spleen, muscle will be different degrees of loss of elasticity, the skin loses luster, in addition, although many women never stay up late, sleep quality is also very good, but they often have dark circles around the eyes, bags under the eyes is also growing, this is a sign of weakness of viscera. Women with spleen deficiency: hyperplasia of mammary glands do not underestimate the problem of spleen deficiency, especially for female friends is likely to lead to the occurrence of breast hyperplasia. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach function will not only make people poor, dry lips colorless, pale yellow, can lead to insomnia, diarrhea, edema and other small trouble, serious and even lead to influence breast, breast hyperplasia. Therefore, it is very important to maintain good health! A woman to maintain good spleen, eat more than five kinds of food! 1: sweet potato, in daily life, we believe that for the sweet potato is familiar to it, but the sweet potato a very high nutritional value of food, usually eat to help health care, especially the stomach is not good women should eat more. Sweet potato spleen and Qi blood, laxative effect, spleen deficiency, sweet potato as a staple food available, long-term consumption. 2, chestnut: sweet and sweet chestnut is believed to be very popular with everyone, and often eat chestnuts for the majority of women to protect the health of a very good help and role. Chestnut can tonifying the spleen and stomach, kidney gluten, blood activating and hemostasis. For the spleen eat less, nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms have a lot of relief, and abdominal distension were cut. 3, yam: female friends if there is the case of spleen deficiency in everyday life, you can eat some yam to prevent such adverse circumstances, adhere to a long time to eat yams will have a good effect. Chinese yam can lung and spleen qi, nourishing Yin, kidney tonic. If the temper is weak, eat less loose stools, diarrhea and other symptoms of chronic, available yam congee soup to eat. 4, red dates: as we all know, red dates for the majority of female friends, but a perfect food, Qi and blood in the role. In addition, red dates can tonifying spleen, nourishing the nerves. Li Shizhen said "jujube is the fruit of the spleen, spleen Yi shi." The spleen Weiruo eat less sugar, then, deficiency of Qi and blood of the people, often taking red dates have great benefits. 5, letinous edodes: now in the US are women physical health problems have emerged, and the weakness of the spleen and stomach and loss of appetite is one of the most common, in addition to the weekdays often feel fatigue, the symptoms of friends may wish to eat some letinous edodes to recuperate. Letinous edodes belong to the hair, measles相关的主题文章: