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2 billion to buy your dignity, sell is not to sell?! Abstract: ordinary people’s children, youth, dignity is not so expensive. If the youth, dignity or humiliation, you can exchange for a net worth billions of dollars, and with Ru, sed NIAM senkona diskleroros, into a parallel universe, "give you a compelling price" change? Author: Hou Hongbin (Tencent · column author) Hongkong giants for the story of the production, played a season after season. Not long ago, Forbes Hongkong rich list ranked third (2015), Zheng Yutong died in a net worth of $15 billion, among the many wives and about him and his sons and lovers who attempted the coveted, have been talking for a toss about several rounds. Kenneth Fok and Guo Jingjing each time the sun loving, the Huo family of several of the housing children’s love and hatred, they will be turned out; He Hongshen together with his wife and a few real children, Li Zhaoji on the news every two or three days; Cathy Chui is a family daughter-in-law billions of machines, the story is not much, but the dog offspring capture is her diamond ring, Hermes, smile, speculated her father-in-law to her love is not reduced. This toy king, tomorrow the Hongkong textile tycoon, there are countless giants, and wander around them is almost a female star, arranged in a crisscross pattern Lianliankan game, the idea of degree not to lose in series. These two days, with a net worth of $10 billion 900 million Forbes ranked Hongkong’s sixth richest man (2015) Joseph Lau, a big move in the newspapers and his girlfriend Lv Lijun broke up the notice; thus, also told reporters, said to her completely disappointed, enduanyijue decided, and so on. In a statement, the glittering gold is: "take care of Lv Lijun has been living, and a large amount of cash gifts worth more than HK $2 billion, is a super woman." Of course, the girlfriend broke up, not much income will do. Joseph Lau and Gambia for a time, entertainment commentators busy as a dog, one by one the depth analysis article, trying to explain: the super rich has two girlfriends, why is she won and lost her? Why can do "host"? How to retain the hearts of the rich? These "host" skills, including how to attract the attention of rich, how to impress the rich "heart", do not beg for something, don’t talk, not against tuannya, etc.. And Lv Lijun’s "defeat", because she is a famous doctor of chemistry, not obedient! This argument is also served. That said, "Joseph Lau can’t stand so many people" Michele Lee in a relationship, it is not enough good, so failed to host! In fact, one of Joseph Lau’s girlfriend, more representative of the Wang Yingyu. Wang Yingyu’s father was a justice, and at the age of 23 she became a barrister in the United Kingdom and Hongkong. She is in love with Joseph Lau for six years, banbangege, bukekaijiao; then, a blue blood Wang Yingyu, the son of Zheng Yutong Zheng Jiachun’s mistress, and his wife both for his children and. Remember that there is a washing rice before the rich, often on the entertainment headlines; because his wife and small three rounds of children, the washing, basic.相关的主题文章: