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18 provinces lottery public fund rectification rate has reached 97%– Henan – People’s network yesterday, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of civil affairs, the State Bureau of letters and visits, the National People’s Congress, China Federation of trade unions announced the rectification of the situation. So far, the eighteen round of the central inspection of the ninth regions and units of the party organization rectification has been announced to the public all over the world. The reporter learned that, in 18 provinces, taking misappropriation of lottery public welfare fund and other issues, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said that the current rectification funds rate has reached 97.2%. No rectification in place of individual problems, in the legal means to ensure that the rectification in place. In violation of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission staff of 7 people to be repaying a worker in the country civilian appoint subordinate units after only 5 years he was promoted to a positive level cadres. Yesterday, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission in the inspection feedback briefing, the patrol pointed out "the implementation of cadre selection and appointment system is not strict" "on the selection and appointment of the lack of supervision units directly under the" "inbreeding coefficient" phenomenon prominent problems such as to respond, said after a comprehensive self-examination, 5 units found irregularities into the problem, be repaying the 7 violation transferred the responsibility for 5 people has made a deal with the organization. The recommendation to subordinate units appointed as chief deputy candidates, violations will be a worker in 5 years to promote a positive level cadres and cadres, did not examine the problems of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission said on the correct, and accountability have the primary responsibility for the leadership of secretary of Party committee, Organization Department of. Central inspection team pointed out that the National People’s Congress is the lack of supervision of universities and cultural units. In this regard, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission in the patrol rectification briefing has been proposed, to the 3 news institutions are "money to release" problem is mainly responsible for the implementation of the accountability system. In addition, according to the location of the public welfare function of the National Cultural Palace, the National People’s Congress has stopped all commercial exhibition activities, has been restored to the west of the National Cultural Palace, will be used to organize business related cultural activities. The Ministry of Civil Affairs illegal subsidies restitution related costs for the leading cadres of some units of illegal reimbursement of expenses, exceed the standard for transportation, travel to the university to receive special post allowance, the Ministry of civil affairs put forward a comprehensive repaying, serious treatment, deep inspection requirements. At present, a total of 9933 yuan compensation related expenses; the person responsible admonishing conversation 6, Party committee criticized 7 people, 5 people in administrative reprimand. The central inspection found, the Ministry of civil affairs "20 serving part-time cadres in the social organization in 2014 after rectification receive remuneration; 5, retired cadres are part-time social organization in addition to receive" necessary working funds’ salary". Ministry of Civil Affairs responded, in the early part of the social organization on the basis of rectification, control list one by one, one by one rectification. According to the number of super equipped cadres, the Ministry of civil affairs in the patrol rectification briefing response, through the adjustment mechanism, etc. at the reduction of digestion, rectification deputy director positions 23. From 2012 to October 2014, part of the province (city) by fabricating false items, providing false data, taking, misappropriation and illegal change of welfare lottery public welfare funds use. In this regard, the Ministry of civil affairs supervision and acceptance of special audit 18)相关的主题文章: