1 to August this year, the national treatment of public funds to travel for 2928 people punished the e3300

This year 1 to August national public funds tourism 2928 people dispose of 2321 people original title: travel not to spend public funds to return to the true meaning of the implementation of the central spirit of the eight provisions, to correct the four winds of the two series of observations when the circle of friends photography contest "has gradually become a standard of holiday tourism," tourism "is a word more and more into people’s lives, baking happiness index in the family, friendship and love. Tourism should be "happy" and "happiness". But in the past, under the name of public funds to travel in disguise problems have occurred. Every year a large number of public funds to travel, not only caused a waste of financial resources, financial investment for extrusion of the people’s livelihood, barren politics, corruption, adverse effects on the masses. Since the party’s eighteen, the central government introduced the eight provisions, to correct the four winds, from central to local public funds and dealt with a large number of domestic abroad (border) cases of tourism, injected a fresh air to the party and government, public funds tourism has been effectively checked, people clapped and cheered. This also allows tourism to return to enhance the authenticity of the happiness index. 1 go home feeling good — the "eight provisions" held party cadres, the music is delicious, "the whole family, old and young Wen Qi brother at home?" The National Day holiday, is home to Fujian province Anxi County Commission for Discipline Inspection cadres Chen Wenqi baked Tieguanyin autumn tea heard a familiar and strange voice, quickly stopped, went straight to the door, see not seen years of childhood playmate brother wang. Brother Wang and Chen Wenqi is small, a few years ago into a provincial state-owned enterprises to work, home security there, Fengnianguojie rarely go home. "Since you went to work in the provinces after the National Day has not seen you go home, how come back this time?" Sit down, Chen Wenqi took out a fresh baked Tieguanyin, tea side edge asked in surprise. "Before a holiday, my father went to play with their uncle, there is no time to accompany me." No brother Wang sipping a small mouth opening, nestled in his side’s daughter, grab the speech. Wang shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "Yes, every holiday, especially this relatively long holiday, we will arrange for staff to visit the field, by the way. Although the music itself, but also to accompany his wife and daughter out of the time, to a trip back home is more difficult!" Drink a cup of fragrant tea, brother Wang smiled and said: "now, cancel the units of public funds to travel, to a small holiday, time is their own. Look at the parents, friends will come back, feel the unique flavor of Oolong tea. It feels so good!" "To say thanks to the provisions of the eight" rules "of the Party cadres," "the whole family, old and young……" Sitting on the side of the brother Wang wife echo. Has been criticized by public funds to travel for the masses, not more party disciplines. In the implementation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight nearly four years, with the efforts of the central and local departments, public funds tourism has been effectively improved. According to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the country to investigate violations of the provisions of the central eight mental summary table shows that as of August 31st, this year has been dealing with domestic public funds (out of the border) Kay相关的主题文章: